1. introduction. inorganic pigments with several crystalline structures and colors are widely used in the ceramic, food, construction, paints, and polymer industries , , .in the ceramic industry, these pigments are placed on an application matrix and thermally treated at temperatures from to 600 u00b0cu20131350 u00b0c; thus, they present thermal stability , .
The use of inorganic pigments dates back to the early cave paintings that are 30,000 years old. although they occur naturally, for the manufacturing of paint they usually require modification. all white pigments are inorganic and a wide range of colored pigments is also available.
Ferro is a leading global supplier of pigments and dispersions including inorganic color pigments, organic color pigments, functional pigments and custom color pigment preparations. ... ceramic decoration colors and materials ... custom color solutions for paints and coatings. custom color solutions for plastics. diarylide yellow (py13)
Ferro is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of inorganic color pigments. we offer one of the largest range of inorganic pigments and complex inorganic color pigments in the industry. our high performance inorganic color pigments are custom formulations that outperform others in opacity, ease of dispersion, high heat fastness, light, weather and chemical resistance with no u2026

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