In order to fire an enamel at low temperatures, it is necessary to lower a softening point of frit so that the frit is softened and flows at firing temperatures, thus wetting the steel surface therewith. for instance, in order to form an enamel at low temperatures below a 1 transformation point (723u00b0 c.) of steel,...
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A low melting enamel frit capable of firing at temperatures lower than the a 1 transformation temperature of steel, say 723u00b0c, comprises 31 to 39 wt% of sio 2 , 13 to 21 wt% of b 2 o 3 . 14 to 21 wt% of na 2 o. 1 to 5 wt% of k 2 0, 5 to 20 wt% of zno, 2 to 10 wt% of f 2 and 2 to 9 wt% of at least one of al 2 o 3 , zr0 2 and tio 2 , each intermediate oxide being present in an amount of at u2026
Mar 26, 2014u00a0u00b7 laying down a steel base coat or using a differently fluxed enamel would be a solution. you cannot put glass of two different coes over one another and fuse them, they will tear themselves apart. the temperatures involved with enamelling are not, to my mind, hot enough to get the glasses to mingle in any way.

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